Fluorescent Plant Grow Lights

"Chopper Light" is a grow light system for in-vitro, micro propagation and tissue culture. This bionic technology adds all the benefits of a fluorescent tube, to the energy saving benefits of pulsed/intermittent light. Fluorescent lighting is best suited to germination, cloning (taking cuttings from other plants) and early seedling growth. These lights give out blue spectrums of light and can be used at approximately 10 cm above plants' tops or even closer if they are pulsed. On the average, intermittent tubes generate 25 % less center heat.

Primary we are specialized to meet demands of professional growers, climatic cabinet manufacturers, universities and commercial industries. This intermittent light technology fits to all large-area illumination projects and displays a directly competition to mechanical moving light systems.


During the Chopper Mode, a modulation between the BLUE and RED color can be adjusted on conventional fluorescent tubes by varying the chopper frequency. (download video)


The alternating frequency conserves lamp power and sets a limit for heat up. For ex.: A pulsing tube, 20ms ON and 20ms OFF, produces 10 °C less heat than a tube, controlled the common way of full light. This means 25 % less energy is necessary for air condition.


The usual operating fluorescent tube radiates a continuous crowd of light pulses in the rhythm of 10 ms (50 cycles per second alternating current). One Hertz produces thereby two light pulses with one total period of 20 milliseconds. Using the Chopper technology it is possible, to control this cycle of the light pulses i.e. of 20 milliseconds. 20 milliseconds light ON and 20 milliseconds light OFF mean 50 % energy saving.

Sustained investigations showed that pulsed fluorescent tubes, using Chopper Light, exhibit a same or even higher life span, as fluorescent tubes in the usual steady light way. The exactly aligned preheat system in the fluorescent lamp ballasts guarantee a constantly background brightness and ensures the comfortably fast ON/OFF sequences.

Cause the movement of clouds and leaves in the wind, natural light changes always appear.

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